Water Treatment Questions

Should I be drinking distilled water in order to remove all impurities?

Although some companies sell distillers for treating drinking water, here at Arrowsmith Water Management, we disagree with that. The human body needs the trace minerals that are contained in healthy drinking water, and our filters are designed to remove only to the degree that the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines recommend for aesthetic and health reasons.

Water treated with Reverse Osmosis systems differs from distilled water in that it leaves in some trace minerals that are important to our bodies, such as magnesium. Drinking purely distilled water can be dangerous to your health as it leaches minerals from your body as it passes through. Vegetables boiled in distilled water lose greater amounts of minerals than those boiled in undistilled water.  When distilled water passes through your pipes, it leaches out minerals from the metal, weakening it.

What's wrong with my water?

Water is the universal solvent. The down side of this is that there are a huge variety of contaminants that can enter your water system. Your water could have any combination of dozens of unwanted factors, or maybe just one minor one.

The first thing you need to do is to have your water tested.

We can do a preliminary test (it's complimentary!) to let you know whether you have some of the most common of the household water afflictions. As well, there are many government-approved labs for water testing where a full Potability Test can be performed, if you have a reason to be concerned about bacteria in your well.

We'll design a system based on these results, specifically targeting your particular set of water quality issues.

How much does water treatment cost?

It's a simple question with a tough answer. It really depends on what's wrong with your water.

Dirty or smelly water can be caused by something as simple as sediment. While it may seem like a big deal when you have to drink or bathe in it, the solution is often simple and inexpenisive.

Other water contaimenants such as arsenic require more time and effort to remove. Treatment for most water problems can run from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand.

You can be sure, however, that we will provide you with a free, extremely accurate estimate. We pride ourselves on completing the job at or below the estimated price.

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