What dangers can there be in drinking water?

There are several problems that can endanger the quality of drinking water. A number of these problems are summed up here.

A government-approved lab can detect coliform bacteria in drinking water. We use North Island Labs in Courtenay, BC. to test our client’s water for pathogens. Coliform bacteria are a group of microrganisms that are normally found in the intestinal tract of humans and other warm-blooded animals, and in surface water. When these organisms are detected in drinking water this suggests contamination from a subsurface source such as barnyard run-off. The presence of these bacteria indicates that disease-causing microrganisms, known as pathogens, may enter the drinking water supply in the same way if one does not take preventive action.

Drinking water should be free from coliform. Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines set the allowable limit as <1. We recommend an ultraviolet sterilizer as a chemical-free solution to coliform.

Less common are arsenic and other heavy metals. These are naturally forming in the gravel and rock formations which water travels through on its way to your water source. If present, it is naturally eroded by and dissolved into the water and carried by the water into your taps. We can recommend either whole-house, or single-tap solutions.