My water smells and tastes funny. What’s wrong with it?

Well, that depends on how it tastes and smells. If it smells like a swimming pool, chances are your municipal system is using a lot of chlorine. You may want to remove the chlorine residue from your water for a variety of reasons--not only the smell, but also because there is some evidence this residue is carcinogenic. We can provide you with a fairly inexpensive filter that will solve this problem.

If your water smells like rotten eggs, you’ve got a sulphur problem. We can provide you with a filter that can remove this odour from your whole house, or a designated tap or taps within the home. Bacteria can make your water smell, and it’s dangerous to ingest as well. If this is a possibility, we’ll test for bacteria and provide you with an ultra-violet sterilizer in that case.

If your water has a metallic taste, you may have an iron problem. This can also be seen as yellow to dark brown staining on clothes and fixtures. We have quality iron filters that will clear up this problem very effectively.